Great Dane Puppies

Austin, TX, United States

On our website you can find more information about our dogs and us Text : (804) 424-0249 ,Email :[email protected]

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Georgetown, TX 78633, United States 31.41 mi

We try to be as responsible as possible and do everything within our power to ensure that our dogs do not end up abandoned on the street or in a dog shelter. Each of our pups go home to the new family with a basic contract. This contract protects both the buyer and breeder and outlines how the pup is to be cared for, agreements between the buyer and breeder for re homing the pup if necessary, and the breeders commitment to the buyer to stand by the quality and health of the pup. If a breeder does not offer a contract, perhaps you should question why…


Bertram, TX, United States 37.83 mi

Legacy Kennels is proud to offer our Layaway program to customers purchasing one of our great dane puppies! We have designed our layaway plan to easily meet your budget to be able to adopt one our great dane puppies!
Our layaway program allows you the flexibility to pay within your budget. We ensure that our pups are not only from parents with a good lineage and temperament, but also that our puppies receive the best love and care while living under our roof.  We breed AKC Registered Harlequin great dane puppies as well as Mantle, and Black Great danes.

Carmine, TX, United States 63.64 mi

Welcome! TTS Great Danes is an AKC Breeder of Merit founded in 1996. Our breeding program concentrates on Blue/Black, Harlequin/Mantle color families resulting in Blue, Black, Mantle, Harlequin, Merle, White and occasional Fawn Great Dane puppies. My experience includes a lifetime of working with animals including 17 years as a vet tech with experience in exotics, internal medicine and reproduction.

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Schulenburg, TX, United States 64.52 mi

It’s what’s bred in, not fed in, that makes KMC Danes Great!

I’m a fanatic about proper health care and believe in “preventative” medication.  I believe not only is it in the best interest of my pet, but it will save me money in the long run to have a healthy pet at all times.  In short, I say if you can’t or won’t take care of an animal properly, then do NOT own one because they are depending on YOU for their well being and total survival.

San Antonio, TX, United States 73.6 mi

I have always been a dog lover, cat hater. Sorry. They are just too prissy. I love big dogs, especially Great Danes. I am very proud to have two beautiful European Blue Great Danes. They are not only beautiful, but very calm, cuddly and loyal.

Floresville, Texas, United States 82.16 mi


I have loved Danes my entire life.  For the past 18  years I have been living my dream of raising these magnificent creatures for others to love and enjoy.I have been blessed from the beginning with the wisdom of an awesome mentor and a great friend who has been breeding Danes for many years.  With her help we are breeding a truly wonderful pet with great health and longevity.Our puppies are sold as family members to be loved and spoiled.  Qualifying puppies will be offered at two prices.  One with limited registration and another for full registration.

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