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Austin, TX, United States

On our website you can find more information about our dogs and us Text : (804) 424-0249 ,Email :[email protected]

Talladega, AL, United States

We raise AKC registered Great Danes Black, Blue, Brindle, Fawn, Harlequin All are dogs come with a health guarantee. Our kennel is AKC inspected. We have imported several Danes from Europe. We raise show quality Danes. We breed for size and temperament. We breed genetically sound dogs. We do not breed any dog that has a genetic defect.

Trussville, AL 35173, United States

We are a full-service canine breeding facility, specializing in breeding and selling AKC show-quality Mini Dachshunds and Great Danes. We sell our own show-quality AKC-registered puppies, and we also provide stud services for show-quality breeding dogs.  Prime Danes is interested in purchasing pedigreed, show quality Great Danes.

Hartselle, AL 35640, United States

It is our Responsibility, as Breeders, to give our Great Danes the Best Care and the Best Homes Possible and to have Healthy Puppies available for Loving Homes. It is your Responsibility, as a buyer, to Make Sure We Do!

Tucson, AZ, United States

Mike and I joined the Great Dane Club of Tucson in the early 90’s and after becoming active in the club, we decided we would like to show. We bought our first show pup, Cookies and Crème aka C.C. from a breeder in Marana, AZ. The puppy’s Sire was “Clorox” from the Michaeldane/JB lines, and the Dam was from the Caprata lines. We are the owners and breeders of 5 Champion dogs including one in the Top 20 and 6 Champion bitches.

Auburn, CA, United States

Linda and Jerry Lauermann have owned Great Danes for over 40 years. Any breeding has been carefully selected with the first focus on health and temperament, these puppies being family members first. As a result, we can take pride in having many Great Danes in the line living 12 to 14 years old. We currently have one who recently celebrated her 14th birthday, with littermates and the dam living 12-13 yrs. Along with health and temperament, we have focused on improving conformation and color with any proposed litter. We want to produce the finest looking, best moving lap dogs in the ring or on the family’s couch!

Orange County, CA, United States

Back Bays Danes is dedicated to raising, showing, and sharing quality temperament and conformation Great Danes. We invite you to share in our journey with this amazing breed.

California, United States

We thrive on our own merits and accomplishments. We do not engage in building ourselves up by tearing others down. Our focus is on our own goals, research and accomplishments. We do not distract ourselves or deviate from our commitment  to Our Mission by engaging in frivolous and meritless discussions of others.  We conduct ourselves in an ethical and responsible manner in all of our actions. We are open and honest about the health issues affecting our breed and make honest disclosures regarding same, even if it “fuels” underhanded and cruel discussions by meritless parties who silence their own problems.


Shadow Hills, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Shalein took her dedication of the betterment of Great Danes beyond breeding and showing when she graduated with a doctorate degree from Colorado State University in veterinary medicine. While in veterinary school she placed a strong emphasis on genetics and reproduction and was awarded three AKC scholarships for her Great Dane genetics research. After graduation, she began practicing small animal medicine with a special interest in canine reproduction. Today, you can find her as part of the staff at Dill Veterinary Hospital in Southern California.

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Lake Elsinore, CA, United States

Welcome to my wonderful Great Dane world. I have been very blessed with my human and Great Dane family.  I  believe each one is a gift from God sent straight from Heaven made special for each family. Everyone thinks that they have the best Great Dane and none of them are wrong because they are all amazing. Dogs offer us unconditional love.  Dogs can improve our daily life. Dogs teach our families to love, care, and share. I try to share the joy and love they bring my home through my pictures and videos.

Roseville, CA, United States

My husband has owned danes since the 70’s and together we have owned danes since 1989. We don’t think we are experts on the breed by any means! We are always learning and we will continue to learn for many years to come from breeders/exhibitors/mentors that have been in the breed long before us!

Oakdale, CA, United States

We offer quality European Great Danes for sale to loving homes. We take great pride in all our dogs. All the pups that come out of our home are top quality, great conformation and temperament. They are very well socialized and make amazing pets! European Great Danes Puppies for sale from us means producing only quality, 100% European Great Dane puppies, Big heads, bones, Great muscle, structure and nice lip. Bred to European standards for show or to make a quality pet.


We are proud to share the story of Davishire Great Danes as well as our passion for the strength, nobility and heart of the Great Dane breed, with you.  The temperament of our breed is described as loyal, courageous, gentle and dignified.  Our belief is that the strength and nobility of the Great Dane, should be equal to its grace, beauty and loving disposition.  Our goal is to continue to produce and raise GREAT Danes that conform to the AKC standard, not just for show, but for soundness of mind and structure to ensure happy, healthy, long lived family companions, able to excel in whatever activities you share.

Dixon, CA, United States

“Classic Quality, Harlequin, Mantle and Merle”

My family has had Danes for almost 40 years, I started breeding in 2008. We decided to start breeding not only for the love of the breed but because it was hard to find a honest quality breeder that not only produced quality but was there for their puppy families every step of the way. We are pleased that our puppy families not only become our friends but they are like family. Because of our dedication to the breed and our puppies produced most of our puppy families have more than one of our babies.

San Diego, CA, United States

We show and selectively breed Great Danes.  We strive to produce the best temperament, health and longevity we can so that Danes from our breeding program are safe, pleasurable to live with and on this planet for a long time.  We work to achieve conformation that is as close to the breed standard as we can accomplish with our Noble Breed. We are determined to make every attempt to improve the breed.  We do NOT breed our Ch. Danes if they lack important qualities or have health issues.

Los Gatos, CA, United States

We are a small kennel who occasionally breeds health-tested show and companion dogs. Our dogs are house dogs and well loved. We are located in Los Gatos, California. We co-breed with our good friend and passionate breeder Walter Salles in Brazil, Canil do Alto Gávea. After many years of showing, being involved in the Breed at many levels, we are committed to promote responsible breeding and educating the folks who are interested in a Great Dane to find a breeder who has the best interest of the breed in mind.

Napa, CA, United States

 Quality Is A Choice…Our Commitment to Excellence

Our Danes are Proudly Owner Handled to all Honors ~

Member of:

Great Dane Club of America

Monterey Bay Great Dane Club


Olympus Great Danes is located in Northern California on a 2 acre facility.  The beautiful country environment is a perfect place for our Danes to romp and play, or take a leisurely nap in the sun.  We do not breed to merely produce puppies.  We carefully breed to improve, striving to make each generation better than the last while adhering to the Great Dane Club of America guidelines with the AKC Great Dane standard as our blueprint. We place great emphasis on temperament, health, conformation and beauty.  Our dogs are health screened prior to breeding.

4835 Windsong Way, Shingle Springs, CA 95682, United States

We are dedicated to raising loving healthy and happy Great Danes. We have a deep love for this special breed, and strive with each litter to improve upon our line. Temperament and health are always our primary concerns, followed closely by longevity and adherence to the breed standard. We make every effort to give our puppies the best start possible, in an attempt to breed a healthy, well-socialized addition to your family.


We have raised Great Danes for over Twenty-Six years. We are dedicated to breeding the very best dogs we can. We strive to breed large, long-lived, healthy dogs, with a sound mind, as well as body, for the “total” Dane. Temperament and health are just as important to us as beauty!

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